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‘A Shared Experience’ – Shining Light on Death Workshop 1, 13th April 2019

‘A Shared Experience’ – Shining Light on Death Workshop 1, 13th April 2019

A Shared Experience, the first of the Shining Light on Death workshops, was held on Saturday 13th April at Global Cooperation House (London) and organised by the Janki Foundation. Facilitated by Bridget Haley, nurse and caregiver, Suja Chandran, senior social worker, and Bhavna Patani, co-ordinator and secretary of the Janki Foundation, it provided a valuable opportunity to engage in conversations on death and dying. The participants were healthcare professionals, people caring for the dying and those exploring spiritual aspects of dying.


The main topics were the holistic process of dying, the stages of dying, during the last weeks and days, and how one goes about creating a sacred space for the dying. There was time for personal reflection, group discussion and meditation.


Bridget Haley read passages from the book: ‘The Grace in Dying’ by Kathleen Dowling Singh, including… there is great power in simply recognising that the movement from life to death is a rich sacred passage… for our loved ones and ourselves.


These workshops encourage deeper conversations about the subject, all stemming from the first ever Shining Light on Death event at Global Co-operation House in July 2018.


Enormously helpful & enriching… a rewarding experiencevery practical knowledge, useful for all…  valuable time to share personal experience…  were only a few of the comments participants fed back to us as well as requests for regular events on the subject.


The second workshop, Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, will be held on Saturday 15th June 2019, and will focus on preparing ourselves spiritually, emotionally and practically for the last part of our lives. For details and registration please visit


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