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Meditation App for Healthcare Professionals


Pearls of wisdom serve as an antidote to challenges faced by healthcare professionals.


Happidote (think happy antidote!) offers an easy way to access practical advice through simple guided meditations to help calm your mind and soothe the stress of work.

Happidote is a forever free meditation app for Healthcare Professionals.

To watch a short 10 minute video of the Happidote launch – click here and News on the Launch - read more


10 Scenarios

We have selected 10 stressful situations people commonly face in healthcare settings. Click on the scenario to hear the situation in full. Ask yourself “How do I feel?” The antidote corresponding to that situation is revealed through a short meditation. It will calm you down and bring you back to a state of balance.


The Foundation’s activities are free of charge and managed wholly by volunteers. Contributions to further the Foundation’s work are most welcome.


Core Skills

There are key skills essential to have at hand in your meditation toolbox. Get to know these core meditations as part of your daily practice.


Value Scope

Values inspire and guide us -- Spin the value wheel and reflect on your personal value for the day.


The majority of services were provided voluntarily and we thank everyone involved for the generosity of time and expertise.

Concept design

Sarah Eagger, Dharshi Thiru


Rachna Chowla, Arnold Desser, Sarah Eagger

Meditation commentaries / development team

Suja Chandran  hospital social worker

Rachna Chowla   general practitioner

Myriam Cotret medical receptionist

Arnold Desser medical educator

Sarah Eagger consultant psychiatrist 

Patrice McKenna (original concept) continuing care nurse assessor

Romina Melwani nutritional therapist 

Kala Mistry speciality doctor in psychiatry 

Bhavna Patani co-ordinator & secretary Janki Foundation

Nirmala Ragbir-Day spiritual care training coordinator 

Nora Vyas senior lecturer in psychology




Tanya John

Additional material

Margaret Barron
Clare Minty


Lucinda Drayton
Minal Patel
Craig Brown
Samantha Fraser
Sarah Eagger
Arnold Desser


Marcus Cliffe at Norbury Brook Studios

Music copyright control

Marcus Cliffe at Norbury Brook Studios

Recording supervisors

Arnold Desser
Lucinda Drayton at

App design /delivery

Dharshi Thiru at
Shashin Shah, Samir Dadia at
Minal Patel

Happidote is a forever free meditation app for Healthcare Professionals.

Download your App now.

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