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Values in healthcare programme content

The introductory module and seven modules are almost infinitely adaptable to an organisation’s training needs. Values in Healthcare can be completed in a sequence of eight continuous days, or as one-day stand-alone workshops, or as two half-day workshops. Specific exercises and workshops can also be abstracted from the modules and incorporated into an organisation’s wider development programme.

The Values in Healthcare pack contains detailed guidance and all the necessary materials to run the seven modules, and includes an introductory module packaged into a ring binder (approx. 500 pp) with 2 CDs of guided commentaries with music to be used during some exercises.

The printed pack and the CD version of the pack (500 pages of virtual text to be printed), are available for purchase (in an attractive ring binder and separators with CDs) at a very reasonable cost of £45.00 plus p&p – see Publications > Values in Healthcare pages

Since 2017, we have also been offering the pack online free of charge (see below) for healthcare communities and anyone who wishes to use the pack. If you use the programme in any way (as it is, parts of it or integrate with other training material), we ask you to acknowledge the Foundation as the source. We welcome donations for furthering the educational work of the Foundation.

To receive your free Values in Healthcare pack, please click here to complete your details.

After you have submitted your details, you will receive an email with links to all parts of the programme.  The pack content page with messages and endorsements as well as the introduction to the programme can also be viewed and downloaded from the links below.

The Pack Includes

Full Content page, message from Dadi Janki (President), Authors of the pack and Endorsements

Download PDF


Part 1 Introduction

Introduction to the pack and the Values in Healthcare programme.

Download PDF

Part 2 Guidance for Facilitators

Detailed guidelines on the structure of the programme, role of the facilitator, and preparing for and running the sessions.

Part 3 Introductory Module and Seven One Day Modules

The introductory module as well as the seven modules each explores one theme in depth, from personal and professional perspectives. Exercises have been carefully sequenced to offer incremental/progressive insight, so that participants can build on their own learning and experiences.

Each module provides:

  • background information on each module topic which can be given to participants as a handout
  • timed programme
  • session overview, aims and learning outcomes, and step-by-step guidance on running the session
  • exercises and feedback, session review, action planning and evaluation
  • exercise sheets and handouts for exercises.

The reading and exercise handouts can be photocopied for group use within an educational programme and for individual study.

The themes covered include:

  • Introductory module: Building resilience

    a response to stress & burnout
  • Module 1: Values

    gain strength through motivation
  • Module 2: Peace

    benefit from being calm
  • Module 3: Positivity

    harness the power of thoughts
  • Module 4: Compassion

    release healing energy
  • Module 5: Co-operation

    appreciate the wisdom of teams
  • Module 6: Valuing yourself

    sustaining the carer
  • Module 7: Spirituality in healthcare

    spiritual care in practice

Part 4 Spiritual Tools

Detailed information about the seven tools of learning employed in the sessions.

Part 5 Additional Resources

  • Warm-up exercises, movement exercises and closure exercises
  • Learning logs, action planning and evaluation pro-formas
  • References and resources for follow-up reading and exploration
  • Text transcription of meditations and visualisations on the CDs

Tracks 1-23 below are guided commentaries with music to be played during the meditation and visualisation exercises in each of the 7 modules. The exercise number of the track relates to the corresponding module, e.g. Track 1 – Exc 1.5 relates to Exc 1.5 in Module 1.

These tracks are available as two CDs in the physical pack, CD 1 (11 tracks) and CD 2 (12 tracks).
Download PDF – Meditation CD track list – Pg 473

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