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Heart and Soul Booklets

Thoughts That Heal

“Where does love come from?

Love is intrinsic to human nature. But when we lose sight of the fact that we are love, inside, we chase after it outside of ourselves instead. When we let go of selfish desires, we become free of worry and ill-feeling and our lives become loving through and through. This is very healing.”

Healing Hearts and Minds

“Healing the self”

As I consciously change the quality of my thoughts and ensure they are peaceful and positive, my mind becomes strong. Then, my heart becomes happy and is able to create good feelings. These positive thoughts and feelings generate a kind of power inside. As this power accumulates within, it helps remove the sorrow of the heart and mind. It is this power that heals the self.”

Hope, Healing and Happiness

“Heath, Wealth and Happiness”

What is real wealth? It is happiness. Courage and faith are also my wealth. Stay happy and share that happiness with others. It is not a question of just pleasing oneself by satisfying or fulfilling one’s desires. When I am free from any desires, others would not feel the need to please me in order to keep me happy. There is just the deep and pure wish that others remain deeply happy.”

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