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The Heart of Well-being

About the book

The Heart of Well-being – Seven Tools for Surviving and Thriving

As we go through life, the challenges and changes we meet can either help us move forward, or undermine our health and resilience – often without our even noticing. The purpose of this unique guide is to discover a way not just to survive the knocks in life, but to positively thrive and enhance well-being on every level.

The Heart of Well-being is a beautifully illustrated self-help book with inspiring audio tracks to enable us to be more in touch with and responsive to how we feel – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This publication is also available as an ebook.

The information, audio tracks and simple, practical exercises will help to recover, protect and improve personal well-being, in order to:

  • feel energetic and well
  • cope with worry, stress, change and loss
  • care for one’s self and develop self-confidence
  • sustain good relationships with others
  • discover personal fulfilment and inner meaning
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Author: Jan Alcoe

Jan Alcoe is a clinical hypnotherapist, writer, publisher and facilitator in health and well-being, and is Training and Publishing Consultant to The Janki Foundation. She was one of the core group that designed and wrote the training programme Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach (The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care, 2004), a personal and team development programme for healthcare practitioners. Jan is author of Lifting Your Spirits: Seven Tools for Coping with Illness (Janki Foundation, 2008), which she developed following treatment for cancer. In this more recent publication, Jan continues her journey towards discovering well-being, drawing on personal experience, her work and latest research in the field.

Editor: Dr Craig Brown

Dr Craig Brown is a retired general practitioner and the author of Optimum Healing (Rider, 1998) and was one of the core group that designed and wrote the Janki Foundation’s Values in Healthcare programme. He has trained facilitators for the programme in the UK and other countries. He has also run holistic health modules for medical students at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and facilitates groups exploring older age issues for The University of the Third Age.


Book of the Week: The Heart of Well-Being
This slender volume (much more readable than acres of words) with its two CDs is one of the few self-help guides worth having. Written by hypnotherapist and cancer survivor Jan Alcoe with GP Dr Craig Brown, chair of the British Holistic Medical Association, it never fails to provide support ‘for surviving and thriving’, as the subtitles has it. Today’s message? Lighten up! (For how to, read the book.)

Mail on Sunday. YOU Magazine, 20 Feb 2011

Heartfelt Reading
This is an excellent and extremely PRACTICAL book that covers the importance of managing ourselves on the four dimensions of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The chapters’ focus on the ‘seven tool’ for surviving and thriving, which includes relaxing, using your imagination, being creative and discovering peace. The book is accompanied with two CDs which contain simple guided visualisations to help you achieve inner peace and wellbeing, and by working with the book and the guided meditations, you will soon feel healthier, cope with the stress, learn new skills, improve self-confidence and discover personal fulfilment and meaning in life.

YOGA Magazine

Content of the Book

“The Heart of Well-being is a crystal-clear, no-nonsense, immensely practical guide that conveys the importance of managing ourselves on the four dimensions of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

Neville Hodgkinson, Medical Journalist

  • What is well-being?
  • What supports our well-being?
  • How ‘well’ do you feel?
  • Tool 1 Relax and tune in
  • Tool 2 Use your imagination >> samples pages
  • Tool 3 Think Positively
  • Tool 4 Be creative
  • Tool 5 Lighten up
  • Tool 6 Value yourself
  • Tool 7 Discover peace
  • Personal plan for well-being
  • Going forwards

Two CDs containing 7 tracks

The CDs provide a unique opportunity to:

  • experience the essence of each tool in a multi-sensory way
  • practice using each tool
  • benefit from deep, healing relaxation

Together, the book and CDs promote well-being by helping readers discover more about themselves and their inner resources.

The audio tracks are also available as mp3s and a link to these can be found within the book.

How to purchase the Book

To buy the Book:

The Heart of Well-being: Seven tools for surviving and thriving, August 2010.

Content: Book (96 pages) and two audio CDs with 7 tracks of guided visualizations for relaxation. The audio tracks are also available as mp3s online.


Printed book: £12.95 plus postage and packaging.

eBook: £10.36

Available for purchase: This Book is available for purchase at our publication partner's website

The ebook is delivered as an epub3 file, with audio files embedded, and can be read and listened to on different devices including  PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. If the file does not automatically open, you may need to download a free epub reader like CalibreAdobe Digital Editions.

For Kindle, you will need to convert the file to .mobi which can be easily done through Calibre, full instructions on how to do this will be sent after your purchase, please note audio files embedded in the book will not work on Kindle these will be sent as a separate link after purchase.

Printed book - the link for the audio tracks can be found within the book under the section 'How to use this guide'

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Printed Book & two audio CDs

The Heart of Well-being

Available from Inspired Stillness £12.95 + P&P

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ePub eBook

The Heart of Well-being

Available from Inspired Stillness (£10.36)

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