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Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach

About the pack


Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach is a modular development programme which will help healthcare professionals and teams to support themselves and their patients. Through experiential exercises, opportunities for reflection and self-enquiry participants can identify their own core values and discover how their insights can enhance and revitalise their work.


The programme is delivered via a pack of materials which introduce values such as compassion, co-operation, peacefulness and self-care, and encourage participants to explore using them in their personal lives and professional practice.

The learning outcomes will enable professionals in all settings to cope better with their work, raise morale and restore a sense of purpose, helping to prevent problems of burnout, sickness absence, and staff retention.

How can I find out more?

If you would like more information about the programme, please see pages under Values in Healthcare.

If you have specific enquiries about the programme, please email us at

Content of the Pack

The Values in Healthcare pack contains detailed guidance and all the necessary materials to run the seven modules, and includes an introductory module, all packaged into a ring binder (approx. 500 pp) with CD and including:

  • Part 1: Introduction

    Introduction to the pack and the Values in Healthcare programme.
  • Part 2: Guidance for Facilitators

    Detailed guidelines on the structure of the programme, role of the facilitator, and preparing for and running the sessions.

  • Part 3: The Modules

    Introductory workshop and seven modules, each providing:

    • background reading on each module topic (which can be used as handouts)
    • timed programme
    • session overview, aims and learning outcomes, and step-by-step guidance on running the session
    • exercises and feedback, session review, action planning and evaluation
    • exercise sheets and handouts for exercises.

The background reading and exercise handouts can be photocopied for group use within an educational programme and for individual study.

  • Part 4: Spiritual-Learning Tools

    Detailed information about the seven tools of learning employed in the sessions.

  • Part 5: Additional Resources

    • Warm-up exercises, movement exercises and closure exercises
    • Learning logs, action planning and evaluation pro-formas
    • References and resources for follow-up reading and exploration
    • Text transcription of meditations and visualisations on the CDs
  • CD of Meditations

    2CDs of guided commentaries with music to be used during some exercises.

The Modules

Each module explores one theme in depth, from personal and professional perspectives. The exercises have been carefully sequenced to offer incremental/progressive insight, so that participants can build on their own learning and experiences. More information about each module is given in section: Values in Healthcare > Programme Design. The themes covered include:

How to purchase the pack

The pack, Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach, is a facilitators’ training manual designed to support a compassionate and values-based approach for team development.

For details about the programme see pages under  Values in Healthcare

The pack can be downloaded free of charge from the Values in Healthcare > Programme Design page, however, the printed pack is also available for purchase at a very reasonable cost and comes with an attractive binder and separators.

Content: Ring Binder with printed material (< 500 pages) and two audio CDs with 23 tracks of guided commentaries with music.

For enquiries about purchasing a CD version (500 pages of virtual text to be printed) in a ring binder with the two audio CDs, please contact us.

Price: £45.00 plus postage and packaging (UK, Europe & Rest of World)

For multiple copies, please contact us before ordering. E:

To buy the pack:  Order online below

Price effective from January 2016 (for printed version):

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