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The Founding President – About Dadi Janki


Dadi Janki

Founding President, The Janki Foundation for Spirituality in Healthcare

I have experienced many illnesses throughout my life, and also nursed others for many years during my service in a spiritual community. I found that compassion speeds recovery, and that ‘blessings’ towards the patient contribute greatly to healing. I would encourage all health professionals to work with compassion and peace.

Our honourable and much loved Dadi Janki, 104 years young, President of The Janki Foundation, passed away on Friday 27th March 2020.

Dadi Janki, a spiritual teacher and leader, worked for more than 80 years to develop her own inner peace and power. The stability she has attained was such that she was able to serve actively until her hundred and fourth year as head of the Brahma Kumaris, an international organisation promoting (individual) spiritual development.

Born in 1916 in the Indian province of Sindh, now part of Pakistan, Dadi (“elder sister” in Sindhi) became a source of wisdom in the art of living.

She recognized that while technological advances in diagnosis and treatment were life-saving and need to be shared globally, many health problems arose from emotional and spiritual suffering and needed to be addressed at a deeper level. Her view was that simple changes in the way we think and feel would secure a healthy future for individuals, communities and ultimately the whole of humanity.

From the age of 12, and through much of her life, Dadi Janki herself had a series of illnesses. Coping with them helped to develop and refine her ability to conquer physical infirmity. Her insights, into the role of spiritual consciousness in regaining health, had enabled her to support countless others around the world.

Just as the focus of her own self-care was on the quality of her thoughts, so she emphasized to all health practitioners the importance of their own state of mind in their interactions with patients, and the role that would play in influencing their patient's recovery. She maintained that filling one’s mind with positive self-awareness would create an environment of love and care and this in turn would help others to regain physical strength.

Her inspiration allows us to continue our work today and we treasure the wealth of personal lessons in wisdom, courage and hope that she shared throughout her life and the special encouragement she gave to all of us at JF over the years.

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