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  • is an open association of mainstream healthcare professionals, complimentary and alternative practitioners, and members of the public who want to adopt a more holistic approach in their own life and work.

  • The Health and Wellbeing Trust aims to support the public and healthcare professionals to engage in sustainable healthcare solutions for the 21st century. At this time of rising lifestyle illness, ageing population and increasing medical costs, it is vital that people and their practitioners work together to find empowering healthcare approaches that can reverse and prevent illness and promote full-potential living.

    British College of Integrative Medicine which is operated by the Health and Wellbeing Trust (HWT) charity in Bath. With the support of this pioneering charity Rosy Daniels and her team established Europe’s first university accredited Postgraduate Diploma in the Study of Integrative Medicine (IM) for doctors and nurses. The first course started in 2009 with the support of academic partner Professor Karol Sikora, Dean of the University of Buckingham Medical School and Director of Cancer Partners UK. Leadership in academic IM education has been taken over by the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol under the leadership of Dr Elizabeth Thompson whilst the HWT focussed on meeting the Continuing Professional Development needs of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in sustainable healthcare solutions for the 21st century.

    The HWT charity also provides patient bursaries to help those in financial need to receive holistic healthcare and is currently fund-raising for both patient bursaries and student bursaries.

  • NCIM is creating a model for whole-person healthcare and wellbeing that can be adopted by mainstream medicine in the future and by you right now. They deliver patient services, education and training, as well as medical research, all directed towards our health and wellbeing agenda: that wellbeing means wellness within all parts of a person’s life. We have supported almost 2000 people on their health journey and have a passion to support even more.

  • The Regenerative Health Team, led by Dr Rosy Daniel, provides the care, uplift and motivation to help you reverse lifestyle-related illness, tiredness, ageing and depression to get you feeling fabulous, strong, and really positive about your health and life.

    Scientific evidence shows that even heart disease, cancer and diabetes can be prevented and reversed by following intensive lifestyle programmes, so there is everything to play for! Together we will design a bespoke programme to tackle your personal issues and concerns and we will provide professional therapeutic support to help you make the positive changes that you desire.

  • We advocate for a new attitude to healthcare: one which forges partnerships across society, emphasises prevention and a multi-faceted approach and empowers a healthier, happier population.

    We think everyone should be part of the conversation about health, not just a select professional elite.

    Founded in 2010, we bring together the experience of senior healthcare professionals and scientists who know the NHS from the inside; the lateral thinking and enthusiasm of the many students associated with the College and – centrally – the powerful voice of all those who receive healthcare, and their carers.

  • Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group
  • Spirituality and mental health information
  • website has valuable information about traditions, symbols, teachings and practices of nine world religions and Endorsement Guide

  • The Oxford Centre for Spirituality and Wellbeing (OCSW) focuses on the development and dissemination of an integrated and holistic model of care.  Its purpose is to generate practice-based evidence of the benefits of an integrated approach to care through research. The evidence will underpin the development of training for staff, to equip and support them to provide spiritual care as a necessary dimension of person-centred holistic care.

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