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Lifting Your Spirits

About the book

Lifting Your Spirits: Seven Tools for Coping with Illness

Lifting Your Spirits is a unique practical guide designed to help people coping with illness or disability. Drawing on the insights of those who have experienced the challenges of serious illness, it introduces seven simple tools to develop inner strength and enhance well-being on all levels. Each tool offers practical and inspiring ways of dealing with the physical and emotional upheaval and uncertainty which illness presents. Some focus on preparing for surgery and treatment, others on coping with pain, anxiety or depression.

The guide can be used by individuals for their own sustenance, or introduced into patient support groups, treatment and therapy centres, hospices, day centres and other healthcare services.

The beautifully illustrated book with 19 audio tracks provides guided relaxation and meditation, short daily practices and positive thoughts which will literally ‘lift your spirits’.

LYS Cover - 2nd edition 2009

“Help yourselves, your patients and families find some wonderful new coping skills.” Help the Hospices


Author: Jan Alcoe

Jan Alcoe is a clinical hypnotherapist, writer, publisher and facilitator in health and well-being, and is Training and Publishing Consultant to The Janki Foundation. She was one of the core group that designed and wrote the training programme Values in healthcare: a spiritual approach (The Janki Foundation, 2004), a personal and team development programme for healthcare practitioners. The programme includes seven learning tools for addressing spiritual needs. While undergoing treatment for cancer, Jan used these tools for her own sustenance and self-healing. She was inspired to write Lifting Your Spirits because of the benefits she experienced and the lack of any guide of this kind for people who have been diagnosed with serious illness. She also draws on the insights of friends who shared their own stories of coping with illness, and of healthcare colleagues and practitioners who supported her on her journey. Since publication, Jan has written two more self-help guides for the Janki Foundation, The Heart of Well-being and Stillness in the Storm (with Dr Sarah Eagger).

Who is the book for?

People who are:

  • diagnosed with a serious physical illness
  • coping with pain or disability
  • undergoing difficult treatments
  • receiving palliative care
  • recovering from accident/trauma
  • experiencing or recovering from anxiety or depression

The materials can also benefit carers and healthcare practitioners by introducing tools for their self-care and support.


Content of the Book

A beautifully illustrated book with 19 audio tracks. Together they provide information and examples to support the reader, guided relaxation and meditations, short daily practices and positive thoughts which will literally ‘lift your spirits’.

  • Illness and change
  • Illness and opportunity
  • How to use this guide
  • Tool 1 Meditation: discovering the power of peace
  • Tool 2 Visualisation: picturing good health
  • Tool 3 Appreciation: giving thanks
  • Tool 4 Creativity: learning to express ourselves
  • Tool 5 Listening: deepening our connection with others
  • Tool 6 Play: enjoying the benefits of fun and laughter
  • Tool 7 Reflection: making time for meeting ourselves >> sample pages
  • Going forwards

Content of Audio Tracks

The 19 tracks that are an integral part of this guide comprise guided relaxations and meditations, songs and poetry and are cross-referenced throughout. They enable the listener to:

  • experience the essence of each tool in a multi-sensory way
  • practice using each tool
  • benefit from deep, healing relaxation

The audio tracks can be accessed by playing the two CDs accompanying the book or playing/downloading the mp3 files (a link to these is supplied with the book). The ebook option contains the tracks within the text so that they play automatically.


Illness can be a time when we are moved to express ourselves through writing painting or other creative pursuits. We can also discover a capacity to generate creative solutions to problems.” Page 24

How to purchase the Book

Lifting Your Spirits: Seven Tools for Coping with Illness.

This book is available in both print and epub formats for purchase through our publication partners Inspired Stillness and M-E Books via the links below.

Printed book (Paperback, A5, 52pp) with 2 audio CDs and online link giving access to audio tracks: £12.95 plus postage and packaging. ISBN 978-0-9548386-1-4
Available here

eBook*: £9.99 ISBN 978-0-9548386-5-2
Available here:


*The eBook is delivered as an epub3 file, with audio files embedded, and can be read and listened to on different devices including  PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. If the file does not automatically open, you may need to download a free epub reader like CalibreAdobe Digital Editions.

Printed book - the link for the audio tracks can be found within the book under the section 'How to use this guide'

LYS Cover - 2nd edition 2009
Printed Book & two audio CDs

Lifting Your Spirits

£12.95 + P&P

ePub eBook

Lifting Your Spirits


Appreciation: I feel grateful for just being here today
While feelings like anger, jealousy and simmering resentment can feed illness, feeling positive aids recovery and boosts the immune system. One of the most effective ways of lifting ourselves out of negative thinking is to actively appreciate the good in ourselves and our lives – Page 19

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