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Warwickshire Junior Doctors

Warwickshire Junior Doctors

A course on well-being for junior doctors – June 2016

Junior doctors from George Eliot Hospital in Warwickshire have been inspired to organise training for their colleagues, after reading the Values in healthcare training programme. They contacted JF medical advisor Dr Craig Brown, who was able to facilitate a workshop meeting on ‘Resilience’ for 12 doctors in October 2015.

The post-graduate course leaders are interested in this as a pilot, with a view to further sessions. One of the doctors, Sabah Janjua, enrolled on a course on education and leadership training, requested a further session with colleagues in order to access their responses. Craig returned to lead a session on ‘Well-being’ for 25 colleagues in July 2016.

Diagram taken from The Medical Leadership Competency Framework

Dr Janjua has put together a proposal for a specific educational initiative, which includes a review of literature and explores how VIHASA would further the aims of developing competencies in Leadership and Management, specifically those on ‘demonstrating personal qualities’ and ‘working with others.’  It is hoped trainee well-being can be improved through this project.


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