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VIHASA in Suriname 2019

VIHASA in Suriname 2019

Values in Healthcare was introduced at the national nursing school of Suriname in April 2019

The groups were initially introduced to the Resilience Module in the program followed by 4 full days to complete the remaining modules.  This was followed up with a short evaluation a fortnight later.

The program gave everyone an enjoyable opportunity for lots of self-exploration and benefited greatly from the team building it provided.

At Lands Hospital, the largest general hospital in Suriname, a group of sixteen people including Directors and Nursing staff started the ‘Resilience Module’ of VIHASA.  The group is now eagerly waiting for a follow up session and is also looking forward to training other healthcare staff.  As with healthcare workers around the world, it is a challenge to incorporate programs of this nature during working hours, but where there is an enthusiastic will there seems always to be a way to promote the VIHASA training.

By Loes Bemmel


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