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Shining Light on Death

In the presence of someone who is nearing the end of their life, not knowing what to say or do can be daunting, frightening or even embarrassing. There is a natural concern about not wanting to offend or cause pain by saying the ‘wrong’ thing.  But being with someone who is dying can also be experienced as the greatest privilege of all. Perhaps we should think less about what to say or do and more about how to practise the particular qualities of being gracefully present and respectful. It may be that just by ‘holding the space’ we’re doing enough, and the basic requirement for that is the capacity to be compassionately human-- the greatest enabler of all.

Shining Light on Death is concerned with the spiritual aspects of care - the role of acceptance, kindness, humility and compassion as well as consideration and respect for the sense of the sacred. By the end of the event participants will have explored a range of responses when in the presence of someone who is dying.


Dr Peter Fenwick

Dr Fenwick is an eminent neuropsychiatrist. For many years he has sought to deepen understanding in science and medicine by going beyond our current materialistic paradigm. He has published numerous scientific papers on brain function and also spirituality and meditation and has co-authored with his wife Elizabeth The Art of Dying (2008).

Ann Yeoman

Ann Yeomans

Ann Yeomans has for the last 15 years worked at the Fountain Centre at the Royal Surrey Hospital and has trained with and been inspired by the world-wide Soul Midwifery Movement led by Felicity Warner

The role of the Soul Midwife is to help those approaching the end of life find that place of peace from which it feels safe to leave.

jayanti photo 2017

Sister Jayanti

European Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Sister Jayanti has added significantly to the world’s knowledge and experience of spirituality. Her teachings, talks and writings on meditation and inner peace are known for their clarity and eloquence.


MC: Sarah Eagger

Dr Eagger is Chair of the Janki Foundation. Throughout her professional life as a consultant psychiatrist she has worked at the interface of spirituality and mental health.

Lucinda 1 (2)

Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda has written a number of hit songs and has sold hundreds of thousands of albums both with the band Bliss and under her own name. She is also an accredited counsellor and has a private practice in London.


Time Programme
10.30-10.45Welcome – Sarah Eagger
10.45-11.40What happens when you die?
Peter Fenwick (Webcast)
11.50-12.45The role of a friend - care, compassion and companion
Ann Yeomans (Webcast)
13.45-15.15Workshop - Being compassionately present with those who are dying
(Small groups)
15.45-16.15Facing our Fear of Death - Spiritual aspects of dying
Sister Jayanti (Webcast)

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How to find Global Co-operation House:

Tube: Dollis Hill (Jubilee Line) - Chapter Road Exit.  Bus routes 6, 206, 226 to Pound Lane OR 52,

98, 260, 266, 297, 302, 460 to Willesden Bus Garage

Global Co-operation House,
65-69 Pound Lane,
London NW10 2HH

Free of charge

THE EVENT WILL BE WEBCAST AT (Presentations only)

Please see the The Janki Foundation Event leaflet

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