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Burnout; What is Holding us Back from Caring for Ourselves?

Can those who burn out find new ways of working and thrive? How do we prevent burnout?


Levels of reported burnout in healthcare staff are soaring, and increased further in the pandemic. Exhausted health professionals are often doing jobs that previously 3 people would do. They can feel angry when their ‘well-being’ is checked on, or they are offered a short mindfulness session in order to cope. Indeed some of the strongest evidence for reducing burnout is for organisational-directed interventions.


This podcast is not addressing the organisational side of burnout, but explores the more personal internal aspects of burnout. Dr Julia Ronder, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, interviews Sarah Kuipers, Stress Management Coach, Trainer and Author of The Thriving Giver, and Dr Sarah Eagger, Chair of the Janki Foundation and retired Consultant Psychiatrist, co-author of Stillness in The Storm. Together they wrote a paper ‘What is Holding us Back from Caring for Ourselves?’


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