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News of the passing of Dr Craig Brown

News of the passing of Dr Craig Brown

After our previous post on Dr Craig Brown, we received the news that he passed away on Tuesday the 10th of March. The family told us he was so peaceful and they managed to care for him at home until the end, which was his wish.  His funeral was held on the 6th of April at Worthing Crematorium, but given the current circumstances it was a small service attended by close family only. Craig’s family are hoping to arrange a ‘Celebration of Life Ceremony’ for him in the summer.  The family have also informed us of two charity pages, set up in his memory, should you wish to donate to either of them:

St Barnabas Hospice

Cancer Research

Thank you to everyone who contributed to his “blessings album”.  Sarah Eagger and Jan Alcoe managed to visit him in his final weeks and he was so deeply touched by it and had it on display to share with whoever visited.  I am sure you join us in sending loving thoughts to him and his family as he continues his soul journey.

He was a true, dear friend of Janki Foundation, contributing to and participating in so many projects, retreats and events. His enthusiasm and creativity will be greatly  missed.

Craig wrote this poem, which was read at his funeral.

Send me your love

When you think of me, send me your love.

Grieve if you must, but not for long.

Judge me with forgiveness and remember the good times


Help me pass on easily, by sending me your love.

My body has served me well, and my soul is eternal

Think of me as a bright star in space


Breathe in Natures peace and send me your love

Hold it in your very being

And now breathe out and let me go.


  1. Dr Elizabeth Cocks on July 21, 2023 at 6:41 am

    I have only just learnt of Craig’s death. I heard him at the first Janki foundation day held at the hospital I worked at the Kent and Canterbury, many years ago. His advice and support at that time was not only inspirational but stopped me from leaving my job as a paediatrician at a time when I was very stressed. That must be at least 20 years ago. I have joined some of the retreats at the Quiet View since then inspired and led by Julia Ronda and am on a weeks course there now which is when Julia told me he had died. Thank you Craig and may your new journey be peaceful and full of joy in heaven ( wherever that is)

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