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Mount Abu, India news

Mount Abu, India news

MT Abu INdia news – December 2015

September 2015 saw one of the largest VIHASA Facilitator Trainings to be held in Mt Abu, India, with 74 participants from across 12 states in India. This is a testament to the enthusiasm of individuals and teams of VIHASA-trained facilitators.

In further developments, the VIHASA India core team has recently set up a VIHASA India Facilitators Facebook group and a WhatsApp group. These act as support and communication systems for facilitators, which has been eagerly embraced, enabling teams to showcase their activities.

The plan is to continue to offer workshops in widespread locations, and to meet up for a Reunion Retreat for trained facilitators as well as run another facilitator training in May 2016. Stay peeled for further developments.

Stephen Berkeley (On behalf of the India VIHASA team)
Manager Organisation Development / Global Hospital and Research Centre

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