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Organized by Janki Foundation and Brahma Kumaris about this remarkable hospital, and the experiences of medical professionals who started it on a remote mountain in India 25 years ago. The hospital has a unique ethos and has become a haven for healing. It took courage and commitment to see the J Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC), Mt Abu, Rajasthan, grow from a unit with just 40 staff in 1991 into four hospitals, three outpatient clinics, an extensive community health programme and 10 research projects employing a total of 500 staff.

Dr Partap Midha, Medical Director and Trustee of GHRC, a Paediatrician. His understanding of various aspects of healthcare, acquired over 16 years of working in the public health sector, proved invaluable for the hospital.Community medicine has been his passion since his first posting as medical officer at a primary health centre in the late seventies. Dr Midha travels extensively within India and internationally, sharing experiences of the holistic healthcare mandate of the hospital, its outreach programmes, and ongoing research projects.

Sujata Rathi, Co-ordinator of the Wellness Centre and Head of the Dietetics Department, has been a dietitian and fitness advisor at the hospital for over 25 years. Sujata is enthusiastic about healthy lifestyle choices and has worked with groups as well as individuals providing tailored health and fitness programs.

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