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Launch of a new app, ‘Happidote’, by the Janki Foundation (Nov 2019), to support the wellbeing of health professionals. Think ‘happy antidote’.  The app has been designed as a quick and easy way to access simple guided meditations to help calm the mind and ease the stress of work. It covers 10 typical stress-causing scenarios based on the experiences of professionals working in healthcare, and 2 to 3 minute meditations that would act as the antidote to each situation.

In addition, the app has three generic meditation practices that can be used anytime, anywhere and a Spin the Value Scope feature, with one of 20 personal values to inspire and guide you.

The Happidote app, available for Android and iPhone formats, is absolutely free for all time, however, donations are welcome for the ongoing work of the charity.  The app can be download from Appstore and Google Play and

from The Janki Foundation on Youtube.

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  1. Mandy segal on May 14, 2020 at 11:44 pm

    What a great idea from a grateful psychiatric nurse

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