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Embracing Isolation – Online session – Self Expression and Creativity – 6th February 2021 – Session 3

Embracing Isolation – Online session – Self Expression and Creativity – 6th February 2021 – Session 3

A series of four interactive online sessions sharing insights and interventions to help us manage the phenomenon of loneliness.  We will review current knowledge, explore new perspectives and look at tested practical and reflective solutions to re-surface the joy of time in solitude.

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The Convener will be Dr Kala Mistry, Community Psychiatrist

Dr Mina Bobdey  – Consultant Psychiatrist, London

Maggie Parle  – Retired Hospital Social Worker

Reena Raj  –  Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach

Dr Astrid Bendomir  – Consultant Occupational Health Physician

Suja Chandran –  Hospital Social Worker and Educator

Sharon O’Regan  – Group facilitator, Community Project Work

Deirdre O’Toole –  Variety roles in NHS, including Governance Lead

from The Janki Foundation on Youtube.


  1. Antonia Garner on May 5, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    Deidre’s view of where focus flows energy flows really resonates with me.
    I find that when I am not focused my brain function slows down and I stop connecting.
    Her reflection of lockdown been a time to catch up is so real . During lockdown I realised how much I missed my siblings and I realised how despite having people around me- how lonely I felt in my deeper self.

    Thanks you Kala for steering me to listen to this session.

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