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Courage and Compassion in a Time of Crisis – 31st July 2022

What must it have been like for the medical director of several hospitals and health facilities in one of the poorer regions of India at the time of a pandemic?

In what promises to be a fascinating conversation, Sarah will explore how Covid affected Partap and his colleagues. How did he manage the confusion at the beginning and what were the daily spiritual practices that enabled him to cope as the scale of pandemic and demands on scarce resources escalated in the following months?


Dr Sarah Eagger (MB,BS, FRCPsych) is Chair of the Janki Foundation, Retired Consultant psychiatrist Formerly at Imperial College, London.

Dr Partap Midha Medical Director J.Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India.


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HONOURING LIFE – Hope, Purpose and Newness – 20th March 2022

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

In our final Honouring Life event, we look to the future with an exploration of Hope, Purpose and Newness.

Our speakers together share their vision for an emerging new era – By Sister Jayanti, Deacon Jan Sutton and Dr Sarah Eagger. Moderator – Philippa Blackham


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HONOURING LIFE – Losing Hope – 30th January 2022

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tunes without the words and never stops at all.” — Emily Dickinson

It’s almost impossible to find someone who has not faced a moment of hopelessness in their life. Hope is the light at the end of the dark tunnel of life’s challenges. The journey through the darkness requires faith, courage and strength which act as antidotes to losing hope. Hope’s presence is such a beautiful thing, but what do you do when you find yourself starting to lose hope?

Our speakers share their wisdom and life experience of instilling and sustaining hope – By Maureen Goodman, Lakhbir Legha and Pooja Chandarana.


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HONOURING LIFE – The Gift of Life – 12th December 2021

‘We cannot hope to die peacefully if our lives have been full of violence, or if our minds have mostly been agitated by emotions like anger, attachment or fear. So if we wish to die well, we must learn how to live well. Hoping for a peaceful death, we must cultivate peace in our minds, and in our way of life’ – Dalai Lama


‘The greatest gift is the gift of Life’ Anon.


Our Panelists share their experiences and wisdom in believing in yourself, staying positive and motivated; and in following your dreams – By Cherry Steinberg, Bhavesh Chohan and Natalie Steel.


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HONOURING LIFE – Dealing with Loss, Trauma and Grief – 12th September 2021

In the last eighteen months, we have all experienced some form of loss, trauma and grief. As life continues and we learn to cope with our losses, deal with our trauma and go through our grieving process, it is important to continue to honour life.

Our Panelists share their experiences and wisdom in dealing effectively with Loss, Trauma and Grief – By Nina Buchanan, Jane Hine and Rital Patel.

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Happiness: Self Compassion from Within on The Great Big Indian Wellness Show – 17th July 2021

Self-compassion is an inner strength we can cultivate so we face our failings with kindness, patience, and understanding. This talk explored the links between our body, mind, and soul and how, by using our deepest innate, spiritual qualities, we can meet our own pain and suffering with patience kindness, and care. Directing feelings of compassion inwards and learning how to focus our attention and energy on supporting ourselves can become the key tools in self-healing and building resilience.

By Dr Sarah Eagger  on The Great Big Indian Wellness Show 16th -17th July 2021 organized by IGlobal News.


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Stillness in the Storm – Honouring Dadi Janki and celebrating the first anniversary of the Feel Well-Heal Well Lounge in the USA – 5th June 2021 4pm – 6pm BST

The Janki Foundation on Youtube.


Named after the recently published book written by Dr Sarah Eagger and Jan Alcoethis was a powerful online conversation on spirituality and healthcare sponsored by the Brahma Kumaris and Point of Life (USA), and the Janki Foundation (UK) . The inspiring speakers were Dr Sarah Eagger, Chair of the Janki Foundation, Dr Kala Iyengar, Director of the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Centre in New York,  Merrillyn Hener, Integrative Manual Therapist, Dr Julia Ronder and Dr Shvetank Agarwal.


Highlighting today’s much-increased need to overcome stress and fear, the speakers discussed different strategies of coping with challenging situations. Maintaining calmness and self compassion were high on the list, as was the practice of meditation which nurtures the internal power we can all use to heal and sooth ourselves and preserve our energy. Recognising the limits to a person’s energy and the need to preserve it, the speakers also reminded us to practise the art of saying “No” in a polite and positive manner in order to establish boundaries.


Dr Iyengar spoke about her experience of Dadi Janki who left the body one year ago, her contributions to spirituality in healthcare, and the  inspirations she took from Dadi’s book, I know how to live and I know how to die.


Stillness in the Storm – Tools for coping with fear and uncertainty – Online Sunday Talk – 25th April 2021 2.30pm – 3.45pm BST


We live in a world of change and uncertainty but presently it’s as if a storm were raging around us, churning up feelings of anxiety and fear and making it difficult to respond resourcefully to our own needs and those of others.

An afternoon of self- discovery and journey into stillness as Neville Hodgkinson discusses the book with the Authors Dr Sarah Eagger (MB,BS, FRCPsych) and Jan Alcoe (DHypPsych (UK)).

Stillness in the Storm is new book published by the Janki Foundation, that is focused on raising spiritual awareness within healthcare. This unique book offers 7 self-help tools for coping with fear and uncertainty in challenging times, drawn from a broad range of positive psychology therapeutic and spiritual models and approaches. With short meditations and visualisations, the book guides us to discovering ‘stillness in the storm

In collaboration with Lighthouse Retreat Centre

To listen to the talk, click below:



Silent Retreat – Befriending Ourselves in Difficult Times; Inner Work for Outer Change – 24th Apr 2021 10am – 4pm

Led by Rénee van der Vloodt, Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and MSC Teacher



Retreats allow us to physically and mentally get away from our daily roles and routines, literally have a ‘re-treat’, a break”. They are an opportunity to have space and time to recharge our batteries, away from the busyness and our usual distractions, in a supportive and beautiful environment. We have time to reflect and focus on ourselves, our thoughts, and feelings which can then help us to regain perspective on our lives and give clarity to make day to day decisions. The experience can empower and inspire us to gain new ideas to practise or to think about in order to reconnect to our inner selves and our spiritual lives bringing more calm and fulfilment.


The focus of the retreats is on silence – The retreats are guided, with an inspirational talk by the lead speaker at the beginning of the day followed by silence (no talking) for 3.5 hours, and ending the day with sharing of reflections and insights. Participants are able to walk, rest, meditate, pray, read, draw and paint, amongst other possibilities. Each person has a unique experience of the retreat according to their needs and priorities.


The Janki Foundation on Youtube.


Stillness in the Storm Book Launch – An online event 11th March 2021 3pm – 4pm GMT

A self-discovery and journey into stillness. Hear about this book directly from the Author Dr Sarah Eagger ( MB.BS,FRCPsych ) and Jan Alcoe (DHypPsych (UK)). The authors share their inspirations for writing the book, discuss the contents, read some extracts, as well as lead a meditation at the end. 

This unique book offers 7 self-hep tools for coping with fear and uncertainty in challenging times, drawn from a broad range of positive psychology, therapeutic, and spiritual models and approached. With short meditations and visualisations, the book guides us to discovering ‘stillness in the storm’.


The Janki Foundation on Youtube.

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