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The Hospital with a Big Heart

The Hospital with a Big Heart

…helped into being by the hearts of many – May 2017 

Dr Julia Phythian-Adams a GP by profession with a particular interest in holistic healthcare, chaired a conversation with Dr Pratap Midha and Sister Sujatha Rathi from Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC). One of the key objectives of Janki Foundation (JF) is to support GHRC by sending regular financial support to the hospital. JF shares with GHRC its belief in the importance of compassion and kindness for maintaining well-being and preventing illness

Dr Midha and Sr Sister Sujata have been involved with the hospital since its inception. The building itself is constructed around a tree and it was the experience of an individual that this tree itself ‘created the energy of love, not fear’. The mission of the hospital is to provide world-class comprehensive healthcare services with a human touch and to create a healthcare for all regardless of economic or social background.

The medical profession can tend to focus in on one disease, even one organ, and not look at the whole person. For example, surgery can be performed to remove blockages in arteries. But for recovery and sustained health, the need for patients to change their lifestyle is paramount. One of the ways GHRC has done this is by creating a five-day programme for patients with diabetes which looks at how the disease can be prevented through diet and exercise. Dr Midha highlighted that modern medicine is not to be undermined by this approach as it is essential in treating disease, but the benefits of lifestyle changes, attention to diet and stress management techniques and meditation, as evidence suggests, can benefit most patients. Additionally, the Wellness Department at GHRC offers a variety of complimentary practices such as Ayurveda, yoga, dietetics, fitness and spiritual counselling.

From left, Sujatha Rathi, Dr Pratap Midha and Sister Jayanti introduced by Dr Julia Phythian-Adams on behalf of the Janki Foundation


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There is a highly successful outreach programme, begun by Dr Vinay Laxmi who sadly passed away two years ago. She looked after those who were building the hospital and later began visiting villages and aiding those who lived in remote mountain areas. Most of the villagers had never before seen a hospital, let alone be a patient. The focus is on basic treatment as well as preventive healthcare and promoting good health. In this way, GHRC has become ‘a hospital without walls’

GHRC also has a School of Nursing which, alongside the formal curriculum, trains its students in discovering and nurturing their own value system, basing their learning on ‘Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach (VIHASA), an experiential learning programme published by JF in London in 2004. The School is helping to create employment among young women (and, increasingly, men) from the local population who are studying on the diploma, degree and postgraduate courses that GHRC has created.

Sr Sujatha leads a fitness demonstration to the audience’s delight and completed it with the chanting of OM.

Sister Jayanti’s Address

Sister Jayanti shared a few minutes of reflection and conveyed greetings from Dadi Janki after whom the Foundation is named.

“We are a spiritual university. The intention of the founder Brahma Baba was to bring spirituality into every sphere of life. It started with a small group studying these things in a united India and then in 1950 they moved from Pakistan to Mount Abu and we have been there ever since. Now the university spans over 130 countries which indicates that these ideas are relevant as people come to practice these ideas. These ideas are not divorced from life. In fact spirituality is life itself (soul and body working together). Over the years we have developed different wings for areas of life and endeavour so that people from these can take the teachings and apply them in their life.
If we think about what is happening in the world it is a crisis of values as people have moved from the inner world to the outer world and the extremes of materialism. We can see values are missing and this creates a lot of suffering and sorrow…..we can all see this…so to bring spirituality back to the individuals and professions is the need of our time. We feel the difference and others notice this difference. The biggest advertisement is word of mouth. People see this difference and ask what is happening.
These are simple ideas focused on three aspects. Knowing the self..who am I…with the understanding of how all the different parts of me work together so that I learn to be at peace with myself. If I can be at peace with myself then I can learn to be at peace with you. When I am peaceful then I can be an instrument for peace at work and at home……then can you imagine what is possible? It is possible to create peace in the world. We started with a vision that it is possible to create a world of love, peace and truth…..
We see two forces working together now… the forces of darkness….but equally the ascending energy and uplifting force….. we have heard the scientific evidence for the transformation of heart disease…so things are happening quietly and they are gathering traction and acceleration. We are going to come to a point of critical mass where these are accepted…..I hope tonight has given hope which expresses that it is possible to have a life of hope and health.”

David Kilowsky captivated the audience, both present and on- line, with his original music.

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