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Embracing Isolation Webinar II – ‘Taking Care, Valuing your Well-Being’ – 9th January 2021 4pm – 5.30pm GMT

Embracing Isolation Webinar II – ‘Taking Care, Valuing your Well-Being’ – 9th January 2021 4pm – 5.30pm GMT

The second part of Embracing Isolation, ‘Taking Care, Valuing your Wellbeing’ was aired on 9 January 2021 to an audience of over 100.


Dr Kala Mistry, convenor and host of the series, invited the panel members to share their thoughts and experiences on how to value one’s own wellbeing during the time of isolation. The speakers were Suja Chandran ,a hospital social worker and educator, Maggie Parle (see above), Dr Astrid Bendomir, a consultant occupational health physician. Sharon O’Regan invited the group to chant ‘OM’ and experience the vibrations that emanated from the solar plexus and flowed upward to the ‘third eye’ .


Suja introduced the practice of SOS (Stand back, Observe and Steer) to describe the importance of active listening, not just just hearing the words spoken in conversation but consciously listening more deeply.  She encouraged the audience to ask themselves whether a process of change had begun through periods of isolation during the times of lockdown, and whether they were able to recognise useful insights as opposed to just feeling helpless.


Maggie shared her insights of how using the ‘Appreciative Enquiry’ technique which focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses could be used as a means to create beneficial internal dialogue. She invited viewers to reflect on a good experience they may have had when in solitude, how it made them feel, and then to identify the core inner qualities that made it possible to have this good feeling.


Sharing an analogy of how the caterpillar spends time in isolation only to emerge as a butterfly, Astrid described how time spent alone can be an opportunity to develop strengths. How can one emerge from a disaster like a phoenix, stronger and more powerful? Astrid suggested writing a ‘No Moan Diary’! On one side of a paper write down everything felt to be difficult in life. Follow this by imagining one’s inner voice as a best friend and writing on the opposite side of the paper the guidance shared by that friend.  The turning of the paper from one side to another would signify a change of energy.


The third Embracing Isolation webinar, ‘Self Expression and Creativity’ can be seen on 6 February, and the fourth and final one, ‘Empowering and Implementing Choices’ will be broadcast on 6 March. Admission is free, but registration is essential to receive a link to the event. Register at


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