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Dubai: Honouring families and disability

Dubai: Honouring families and disability

Dubai – January 2017

VIHASA-trained facilitators, Deepti and Prakash of Ecube Training, were able to share a workshop on ‘Valuing Yourself’ for families with differently-abled children at the Indian Consulate, Dubai on 20th Jan 2017. It was attended by about 50 participants from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and was part of a move to step up humanitarian initiatives, after the President of UAE declared 2017 as a ‘Year of Giving’. The programme was organised by Prerana, a support group that holds monthly meetings at the consulate to generate ideas, as well as guide and support the growth and future of special-needs children.


The workshop explored a deeper understanding of valuing oneself and taking care of one’s mind in order to give care from the inside-out. The children peacefully and patiently absorbed the programme and the meditation experience of core values. The facilitators felt privileged to receive beautifully crafted ‘Thank-You’ cards from the children and an inspirational mug from Prerana inscribed with the words ‘Why FIT IN, when you were Born to STAND OUT!’. They have been invited to lead another session and Ecube continue to run VIHASA workshops free of charge.

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