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Dr Craig Brown: living and dying well

Dr Craig Brown: living and dying well

Chrissie McGinn and Richard Hewitt, friends for many years of the late Dr Craig Brown, share their insights and experiences of the time they spent with Craig during his final days. 


Living well

Craig Brown epitomised living and dying well. He lived life to the full by generously giving of himself and his ideas to so many projects.  These ranged from the Janki Foundation Values in Healthcare training, offering retreats and meditation at his home, and teaching medical students to take care of themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Craig had huge energy to make things happen.  We first met him nearly thirty years ago when we went circle dancing in the waiting room of his GP surgery.  The Practice already offered alternative therapies which was very unusual at that time. Not only was he able to make things happen, he was always considering new ideas and approaches to healthcare, and his ability to marry the spiritual with the practical helped so many people at so many different levels.

Part of living well is the ability to celebrate life and Craig always made the most of opportunities to celebrate.  As a Scot, Burns night used to be important. This was fortunate as Richard was able to borrow his kilt on occasion, even though it was a little too short for him!  Family celebrations were always made the most of, and family and friends were so important to Craig’s enjoyment of life.


Dying well

Craig not only tried to live well but he tried to die well too.  His approach to his own death was a great inspiration.  His self-reflection, his honesty, and his willingness to share his thoughts was very courageous.

We were able to spend quiet, gentle times with him and his companion Helen during this phase and appreciated our friendship with him.  He asked us to share a transition meditation with him.  He recorded our meditation with him and played it at night when he couldn’t sleep as he found it soothing.  Here it is.


Transition Meditation

We call on our Guides, our unseen friends, and our guardian Angels to be with us, and to surround us with love this afternoon for Craig’s transition meditation.

As you settle gently into your body, just become aware of your breathing … the air drifting in and the air drifting out, gently and peacefully … There is no hurry …you have all the time in the world as we sit here together .. And as you do so you are drawn to a beautiful space inside your body, it may be in your heart or in your tummy … in that space you know that there is only peace and calm and stillness … you are safe here.  You are very safe, you are always safe … This is your own special place there you are always safe and connected to the deepest part of your Being …. Just feel it, so calm and peaceful, restful and still.

For this is a place where sound and shapes have a special meaning for you … This is your own inner sanctuary … Here you can be your own true self  … and connect with that mystical and spiritual part of your inner being … the part of you which is always light and free and at peace … For that space is timeless and infinite .. and full of love, unbounded, infinite love …. And that love is for you … that love is you … and that love surrounds you … So, you can let go into it and feel it, experience it and know that you are safe…  

In this safe space of love and deep connection you can surrender … you can surrender any misunderstandings … any judgements … any regrets, … just let them go … you can surrender any concerns that you have … begin to let them go … you can surrender any fears that you have … let them go … allow all these concerns and fears to be transformed with compassion into pure love …

Know that you have served your family well … that you have served your friends well … you have served the world well … know that you have made a positive difference to the world … Know that you are loved and appreciated … feel this love and appreciation … for now it is time to let go of any need for action and service to others … this is time now just for you … let go and draw closer to the light and love … it is time to just be … Just let yourself rest in love … you are safe …

May this peace surround you …

May this light shine within you, and guide you on your way …

May your soul be held in love as you reach the light …

And may you know the deep, deep joy of having passed this way ….

We give thanks to our Guides, our unseen friends, and our guardian Angels for your gentle love surrounding and holding us all this afternoon.

We were blessed to know Craig.

Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt

Personal and organisation development consultants,

Wisborough Transformation – Celebrating the Best in Everyone





  1. Georgeanne on June 20, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Thank you Chrissie and Richard for this gift

  2. Linda Edwards on November 21, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    Chrissie and Richard

    I have just read these beautiful words. Thank you for sharing with us. If only everyone could have such loving companions as they transition to dying
    Linda xxx

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