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SHINING LIGHT ON DEATH 14th July 2018 – Dr Peter Fenwick, Ann Yeomans and Sister Jayanti

Over 200 people attended the one-day seminar Shining Light on Death at Global Co-operation House (London) on 14th July.  There were also 30-40 people who joined the seminar online.  Guest speakers were Dr Peter Fenwick, a London neuropsychiatrist, Ann Yeomans, a Soul Midwife who works in Sussex, and Sister Jayanti,...

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“…a deeper connection than I ever thought possible.”

Dear Janki Foundation, I want to thank you for the free online copy of the Values in Healthcare pack. On Saturday 29th April 2018, I attended one of your silent retreat days for healthcare professionals at the Quiet View in Kent. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to...

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Janki Foundation Annual Lecture – November 2017

In his 2017 JF lecture, Cultural Identity and Depression, Professor Dinesh Bhugra notes that depression is a universal experience, yet the language used to describe it can differ widely and the meanings and symptoms vary according to individuals, culture and religious inclination.  It is followed from those clinical observations that different...

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The Hospital with a Big Heart

…helped into being by the hearts of many – May 2017  Dr Julia Phythian-Adams, a GP with a particular interest in holistic healthcare, chaired a conversation with Dr Partap Midha and Sister Sujatha Rathi from the Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) and Sister Jayanti, who is European Director of...

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Update from Ankara, Turkey

Ankara, Turkey – February 2017 January 2016 – After an initial thought in 2010 and a journey of patience, tolerance, determination, courage and trust, the JF publication Lifting Your Spirits: Seven Tools for Coping with Illness (LYS) is now published in Turkish! Speech and Language Therapist, Reyhan Hosgor Erguden MSc,...

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Dubai: Honouring families and disability

Dubai – January 2017 VIHASA-trained facilitators, Deepti and Prakash of Ecube Training, were able to share a workshop on ‘Valuing Yourself’ for families with differently-abled children at the Indian Consulate, Dubai on 20th Jan 2017. It was attended by about 50 participants from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and was part...

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GHRC Jubilee

India – October 2016 On Mt Abu, Rajasthan, following the annual report, Global Hospital & Research Centre GHRC celebrated 25 years of service. Below are some comments from trustees: Dr Partap Midha, Medical Director, J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre – “I am happy to report some highs, in...

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The Psychology of Meditation: Research and Practice

Janki Foundation Lecture – September 2016 The topic of mindfulness and meditation, both rapidly becoming buzzwords in some circles, was taken up by Michael West, Senior Fellow at The King’s Fund and Professor of Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University’s Management School. Professor West gave this year’s JF Annual Lecture, in...

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YOGA: The Practice and The Science

Yoga – an ancient and modern practice – July 2016 Everyone’s favourite subject—Yoga!—was the subject of Harvard professor Bir Singh Khalsa’s address to a packed conference at Global Co-operation House in London. Professor Khalsa, a research scientist at Harvard and also in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, Departments...

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Warwickshire Junior Doctors

A course on well-being for junior doctors – June 2016 Junior doctors from George Eliot Hospital in Warwickshire have been inspired to organise training for their colleagues, after reading the Values in healthcare training programme. They contacted JF medical advisor Dr Craig Brown, who was able to facilitate a workshop...

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