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Care, Share & Inspire – 10th December 2022

Care, Share & Inspire – 10th December 2022


Care, Share and Inspire - Can we thrive in today’s healthcare systems?

A collaborative programme between the Janki Foundation and Brahma Kumaris UK for health and social care professionals.


Keynote Speakers | Dialogue | Panel Discussion | Poetry | Meditation | Small-group Conversations


Most health and social care professionals identify their compassionate, caring role as their strength and that which gives them a sense of purpose. The events of recent times have unfortunately made many critically examine their vocation, even to the extent of questioning where personal responsibility lies in a system where organisational leadership is struggling. To celebrate both the Janki Foundation’s 25th Anniversary and the ongoing support that Brahma Kumaris provide to healthcare professionals, we explored new models of good practice to enable health and social care professionals and organisations to continue to function effectively, and even to thrive within the current constraints.


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JF 25 years of caring, sharing and inspiring

Dr Sarah Eagger, The Janki Foundation (JF) Chair, Sister Jayanti (Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris & NGO representative at the UN), David Goodman and Dr Kala Mistry

A welcome address for this special 25th anniversary event which was jointly hosted by JF and The Brahma Kumaris (BK). The charity was the inspiration of Dadi Janki and its aim was to support the Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) and its affiliated activities in a deprived area of Rajasthan, India. In addition, the charity has done extensive work creating events and publications to support health practitioner wellbeing around the world.

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Inspiring through compassionate leadership

Prof Michael West

An evidence-based approach to transforming the leadership and cultures of our organisations and institutions is desperately needed. By sustaining compassion in human communities, we can cultivate wisdom, humanity, presence and high-quality in all we do. This presentation offers a simple, radical and powerfully effective strategy for change.  It requires leaders to nurture compassion within themselves and across institutions, to support healthier and happier institutions and communities. Leaders at every level must have the courage and authenticity to embody compassion in their leadership now and for the long-term future.

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~Stretch break - Nirmala Ragbir-Day

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Creating a conscious caring culture

Dr Mary Prendergast & Prof Wilfred McSherry in conversation with Chrissie McGinn




The presentations and conversation show how to develop restorative, conscious caring cultures, and how they make a difference to staff, patients and the organisation. If the staff are not cared for in the same way as patients are cared for then it affects the service. Through invitations to pause, reflect, be present to ourselves and to use love, humanity and compassion in our hearts, we preserve human dignity. Following the stresses and trauma experienced during the pandemic, there is a need to replenish and focus on self-care, along with having a sense of being cared for by the organisation.

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~Poem- Dr Rachna Chowla

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Thriving in Health care

A short film produced and directed by Dr Julia Ronder. Co-directed, filmed and edited by Mr Louis Norris.

In a healthcare world where levels of burnout soar, and levels of staff recruitment and retention are lower than ever, what can we learn from those thriving in healthcare work? This short film interviews 14 health care professionals from all over the world, from CEO’s, to medical students and junior doctors. Here are their tips for thriving and their words of wisdom for others working in healthcare.

To watch the introduction of the film – click here

To watch the film – click here

Courage to follow your heart

Rev Lizzie Hopthrow, Dr Rachna Chowla & Nirmala Ragbir-Day

Panel discussion moderated by Dr Julia Ronder on how to be courageous to find a way, to adequately honour the people you care for and the healing that is needed. We all have choices and to be aware of our choices as well as knowing that transition points and spiritual practices may not be easy. But as soon as you start taking steps to respond to the calling within, the need for change, the restlessness and pain gets altered.

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~Meditation - Rachel Priestman

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Caring, sharing and inspiring ourselves - how to maintain enthusiasm and inner strength. 

Sister Jayanti interviewed by Suja Chandran

We know ourselves, the challenges inside and the weaknesses we are dealing with. Spirituality tells us that within every human being there is goodness. When we meditate the peace, the love, will emerge. When we get slack, we lose touch and there isn’t that experience of self-love.  Supportive routines help to bring stability within a life that’s very busy. When you feel the benefit from something it’s a very good incentive to keep going with it.  Meditation brings immediate benefit, so you enjoy it and move forward with it.

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Celebrating the Janki Foundation’s 25th Anniversary
The Janki Foundation for Spirituality in Healthcare
in collaboration with The Brahma Kumaris (UK)

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